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  • Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club: Dubai, UAE  Consisting of Sail Structure (2006 best design award).
  • Barberyn Reef Hotel: Coruvala, Sri Lanka.  110 room G + 4 floors


  • Mutual Life Tower: Sydney, Australia1 Tower 72 story total   height of 228m (World’s Largest Precast Structure).
  • World Trade Centre Colombo: Sri Lanka2 (twin) G + 40   Story towers to height of 152 M (2nd Largest Twin Towers in South Asia).
  • Paker Yarsi Medical University: Jakarta, Indonesia G + 14   Story building with large lecturing faculty within mid-section.
  • McMurdo Sound Research Facility: Antarctica – Australian   Government Housing for research.
  • Scientists (temperature differential form – 50 degrees)


  • Gold Bay Waste Water Plant: Gold Bay Canada  1.2 million liter.
  • Mineral water bottling plant, Fujairah, UAE  Al Gadhier mineral water plant.
  • Reverse Osmosis desalination plant, Sharjah UAER  Construction of pre-cast 1 Million gallon per day plant including water tanks  including water tanks.
  • Pumping Stations, Fujairah, UAE  Waste Water pumping station buildings.


  • Cuba Housing Development:5,000 Apartments G + 8 from 80 to 140m2.
  • Fishing Village: Hambantota, Sri Lanka H.H Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.200 low cost cottages.
  • Low Cost Housing, Sri LankaConstruction of 2,000 G+2+3 floor apartment units, Director of Ministry of housing and construction.
  • Grand Parasimut: Bangkok, Thailand14 Apartment blocks G + 8
  • Sharjah Residential Tower: UAE, HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Saker Al Nahyan1 Tower B+G+10 Storey.
  • Cuba Residentia: Havana Cuba – President Fidel Castro – 2000 low cost housing units.
  • Growing House Development, Jakarta, Indonesia5 design and built for active seismic conditions.
  • Santo Vincente, West indiesResidential apartments G + 5 design and built for active seismic conditions
  • Springs Emirates Hills: UAE (EMMAR)Consisting of 500 Residential Villa development, boundary walls.
  • Future Housing for European Community: Brussels, Belgium1000 houses Consisting of Basement + 4 floors